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"Because of his disdain for Affirmative Action, he didn't check on the box disclosing race on his application to Harvard Business School, which a Harvard official confirms."
The Wall Street Journal
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The Promise of Nihilism?

The Tea Party Ascendant

Senator Ted Cruz - Rising Star

Can Our Democracy Survive

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Mario Draghi, President
European Central Bank
Contact Us for Profitable Distressed Asset Investing
Can Qualitative Easing
Save Distressed
European Economies?
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"Fabulous Fab" Fabrice Tourre
Cataclysmic Failure of SEC Regulation
SEC's Incestuous Wall Street Ties
Why the SEC Targets Peons
While C-Level Execs Remain Untouchable
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Joseph Jett
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Food Allergy Awareness

Chemical / Bio Engineered Solution
The Oral ImmunoTherapy Dead End
Common Food Allergens
Growing Threat to Our Children
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Senator Ted Cruz Leads
Tea Party Insurrection
Will the 14th Amendment Protect
Full Faith and Credit
of U.S. Sovereign Debt?
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The Silence of the Lambs
As Autism Rates Skyrocket
Violent Autistic Children Overwhelm
Parental & Gov't Care Resources
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How Citibank Targeted Low-Income Families for Sub-Prime Debt Fraud

Why Despite a Plethora of Whistleblowers no Executives Held Accountable

Former Citi CEO Chuck Prince

“But above all he appears to have remarkable strength of will. It is not that a lesser man would have been crushed by his experience; most normal people probably would not have survived at all.”

Financial Times

Joseph Jett: Father, CEO, Author, Speaker, Harvard MBA, MIT MS BS, Managing Partner - Jett Capital Management LLC. Providing expertise in Private Equity, Intl. Corporate Finance, Expert Witness Services and Reputation Management
Sen. Ted Cruz and the Promise of Nihilism

Ted Cruz and the Promise of Nihilism

  Senator Ted Cruz has a communications problem. It is certainly not one for which he is at fault. He has earnestly and forthrightly set forth his intent to defund ObamaCare regardless of the cost. He represents tens of thousands of energized activists who urge him forward at rallies and in social media.  He has [...]

Senator Ted Cruz

Obama Tea Party 14th Amendment Debt Ceiling Manuever

U.S. Government Shutdown Many, most notably former President and presumptive, First Man in-waiting Bill Clinton, have asserted that President Obama may unilaterally invoke the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling. Thus pre-empt the Tea Party Republican’s now near certain death march to Federal debt default.The debt ceiling must be resolved by October 17th as [...]

Citibank CEO Chuck Prince

Subprime Debt Fraud – The Difference Engine

 Criminal Subprime Debt Fraud Investment bank executives criminally and specifically targeted the poor and middle class for financial rape and exploitation of hope. It was done through a particularly pernicious scheme that took full advantage of the fall of Glass-Steagall that once protected the common man from the machinations of Wall Street high finance. It [...]